About Us

Savannah Story Games is a group of role-players, storytellers, writers, and the generally curious who meet every Saturday at The Guild Hall. We play small games that help us improvise stories and situations in new and compelling ways. Sometimes we’ll sit around a table and share ideas and act out scenes. Sometimes we’ll draw and write, or roll dice or play with strange decks of cards. Other times we may even stand up and move around, acting out the characters in our story’s actions!

During each meeting, we’ll bring a handful of games and decide which one to try. These games will give us distinct rules for creating a narrative and the characters attached, as well as procedures for acting them out and bringing a resolution to things. We’ll discuss the results, record our opinions, take some pictures, then make plans for the next meeting!

SSG is all-inclusive and considers itself a safe space, eager to help you feel awesome and comfortable while bringing your own thoughts and vulnerabilities to the table. We’re always looking for new people to play with, and we hope you stop by!

For more information, contact caitlynn@savannahstorygames.com